Established 1838. Commercial Cooking Equipment

26" Deep Stand

ECONO STANDS include stainless steel top shelf with aluminized steel lower shelf and legs. STAINLESS STANDS include stainless steel top shelf, lower shelf and legs. All stands are equipped with raised side and back corner flanges to secure cabinet base equipment. Optional hardware available for leg base equipment. All stands are shipped disassembled to save space.

SKU Details

Sku Images Part# Size Equipment Match
16DS 16" x 26" 2616HG
24DS 24" x 26" all FHP24 models, EG, ELB, ERB24
31DS 31" x 26" PO26, B26N
32DS 32" x 26" 2932SF
36DS 36" x 26" all FHP 36 models, EG, ELB, ERB36
41DS 41" x 26" 2941SF