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Established 1838. Commercial Cooking Equipment


Comstock-Castle Stove Co. (hereinafter CASTLE), warrants its new products free from manufacturer defect and workmanship for a period of 1 year, parts & labor, from the original date of installation.  New CASTLE equipment installed in / on food trucks, trailers, tents or outside is limited to a period of 60 days on labor and 120 days for parts from the original date of purchase.  All installations must be completed by a professional / licensed gas technician, familiar with gas and combustion systems and a gas pressure manometer must be used or this warranty will be void.  The installation check list and warranty registration sent with all CASTLE appliances must be accurately completed and sent to the CASTLE.  The warranty shall not exceed eighteen (18) months after shipment from CASTLE or CASTLE facility.  Initial installation, including calibration, air mixers, gas pressure testing, leveling, etc. is considered the responsibility of the end user.  Reasonable "straight time" service / labor costs, as defined and approved by CASTLE will be paid for repairs done within 50 miles of a CASTLE authorized service agency.  Parts will be sent standard freight pre-paid for approved service, expedited repair parts warranty shipping services are the responsibility of the user.  This warranty is extended to the original commercial user and is not transferable.  CASTLE warranty does not apply to areas outside of the United States and Canada.


  1. Proof of installation date must be submitted on the factory supplied Warranty Registration/Installation Checklist prior to work being performed.
    1. Such repair shall be performed within fifty (50) miles from an office of a Factory Authorized Service Agency or sub-agent or any other licensed agent approved in writing by Factory.
      1. The equipment has not been damaged, altered or misused.
        1. The equipment is properly installed, adjusted, operated and maintained in accordance with national, state and local codes for commercial kitchens and in accordance with the installation instructions provided with this product.
          1. The warranty serial number plaque affixed to the appliance has not been defaced, obliterated or removed.
            1. An acceptable report of any claim under this warranty shall be supplied to Factory within thirty (30) days of the work performed.



              1. Factory shall have no obligation as to any product(s) which have been misapplied, mishandled, abused, misused, subjected to harsh chemical action or poor water/gas quality, modified without written approval from the factory, damaged by flood, fire or other acts of nature.
                1. Re-calibrations associated with the replacement of a defective part otherwise covered under this warranty for labor will be covered to the extent of one (1) service call (i.e. the call during which the part is replaced).
                  1. Factory assumes no responsibility for travel costs beyond 100 miles round trip, travel other than overland and overtime costs of repair.
                    1. Factory excludes paint and porcelain finish, gasket material, ceramic material from normal coverage.
                      1. Factory liability on a claim of warranty shall not exceed the price of the material and/or service which caused the claim.
                        1. This warranty is limited and is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied. Factory employees or agents shall not be held liable for any claims of personal injury or consequential damage or loss.
                          1. Factory assumes no responsibility for installation, adjustments, diagnosis or normal maintenance such as lubrication of springs or valves.
                            1. Castle Appliances are not warrantied for non-commercial or home installations


                              Return allowed within 90 days of invoice date, with prior written authorization from the factory, shipped freight prepaid. Equipment must be unused and in packaging acceptable for a damage free return. A 40% restocking charge is assessable.