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Stainless steel type 304, 36" Blackstone griddle cover or lid for rear drain griddles. If you want one for the front drain model there is another listing. Welded corners, comes with hanging clips to allow cover to hang from back of griddle plate. Front handle is not in the way if you want to use top when griddle is not being used. Heavier than the aluminum tread plate models, no bumps on top to get in way of setting things on top when not using griddle. Also make 28" model. Make sure to check out listing for wind screen and cover together, save yourself money on shipping! Why buy painted common steel made in China for higher price? The rear drain cover is a little shorter since it doesn't need to cover drain spout at front right of older model. Griddle not included. Our preferred method of payment is by Paypal. We can take credit cards if needed. Please fill out the contact form below if you would like to order. If you can use Paypal, send the email you use with them so we can send a payment request.