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FHP Series Griddle Parts

NOT SURE WHICH PART TO YOU NEED? Click on the parts diagram below if you are not sure of the part number. You will see a pdf version of the parts drawing. The number next to the part is the Item#. Find the corresponding Item# in the parts listed below.

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Sku Images Part# Description
FHP104-A FHP Grease Chute Assembly
16013 Burner, Cast Iron "H" - Large W/Air Mixer
EG101 Grease Drawer, EG Series
FR118-36 36" Bull Nose (F330,FHP36)
16000 Mizer. Air Round (#25)
14044-A 4 Legs With 2 Brackets for 10 Series Griddles
18030 Knob, Big, On-Off, Manual - F Series - Blue
17039 Griddle Thermostat 48" Capillary 100 DEG Offset 150-400 DEDG Temp 7 1/2" Skinny Bulb
25007-44G ASSY; F Series Griddle Gas Valve - NG
25007-55G ASSY; F Series Griddle Gas Valve - LP
17006N Control, Convertible Regulator - Natureal
17006L Convertible Pressure Regulator - LP
25024-9 ASSY; 9" China Pilot (Griddle/Broiler)
16020 Burner, String, Steel
25024 Fitting, 1/8" NPT x 3/16" CC, Brass, Elbow, ADJ, Lighter
25050-9 ASSY., 12" China Hat Pilot (Front Burner on K430)
25015 Valve, 3/16" Single Adjustable Pilot
25001 Valve; Manual Gas Flat Up