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Range Parts

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NOT SURE WHICH PART YOU NEED? Click on the parts diagram below if you are not sure of the part number. You will see a pdf version of the parts drawing. The number next to the part is the Item#. Find the corresponding Item# in the parts listed below.

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Part # Item # Description  
17005 69 CONTROL, #T46 THERMOCOUPLE View Details
25001-F42 top burner manual gas valve - NG View Details
25001-F54 3 top burner manual gas valve - LP View Details
17003-A 71b ASSY., PILOT HEAD - L.P. View Details
16040 6 GRATE, F SER. TOP - CAST IRON View Details
17018 64 Baso Oven Safety Valve View Details
17034 Oven Thermostat - ABJ Style View Details
25050-9 15 Stainless pilot tip w/tubing - griddle or broiler View Details
17006N 63a Pressure Regulator - NAT. View Details
17006L 63b Pressure Regulator - L.P. View Details
25001 Manual gas valve - non open burner View Details
18005/18030 77 KNOB, BLUE, ON-OFF, MANUAL View Details
18012 61 KNOB, BJWA THERMOSTAT View Details
21022 45 19.5" Oven Rack for F series ranges View Details
21020 45 26.5" Oven Rack for F series range View Details
21021 45 31.5" Oven Rack for F series range View Details
FR30H 53 HOOK, OVEN "S" DOOR View Details
23008 29 SPRING, OVEN DOOR View Details
25015 14 VALVE, 3/16" SING. ADJ. PILOT View Details
26149 32 TUBE, 7/16" OVEN FEED View Details
FR32P 52 PIN, F SER. OVEN HINGE View Details
18013 60 BEZEL, BJWA THERMOSTAT View Details
20110 68 ELBOW, OVEN BURNER MIXER View Details
14041 73 FOOT, RANGE ADJUSTABLE View Details
14051 74 CASTER, NON-LOCKING View Details
14050 75 CASTER, LOCKING View Details
16021 78 BURNER, LONG STAR View Details
16013 12 BURNER, "H" LARGE - CAST IRON View Details
16022 3 BURNER, SHORT STAR View Details
17002-A Assy. Pilot Head - NG View Details
17017 Control, TS11 Oven Safety Valve View Details
25050-9 Assy. 9" China Hat Pilot View Details
18014 Knob, ABJ Oven Thermostat View Details
17010-A 60" RANGE REGULATOR NAT View Details
17011-A 60" RANGE REGULATOR LP View Details
20505-FA 15 Pilot tip w/tubing - for 2 open burners View Details

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